Concierge to the stars

New to Space? Let NanoRacks give you our VIP treatment. Our dedicated team handles everything necessary to place your payload into space. Begin your journey here.

ISS and low earth orbit

NanoRacks operates the only commercial laboratory in outer space. Our external platform program and small satellite deployment are also among our products.

And beyond...

The NanoRacks' team is ready to take your commercial and educational payloads beyond the ISS - from suborbital services to GEO and on to the Moon and Mars...

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NanoRacks launch services are now available on GSA.

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NanoRacks Resources

Download NanoRacks Interface Control Documents for NanoRacks CubeLab Deployer, Kaber Deployer, our External Platform and Internal ISS NanoLabs.
See NanoRacks resources including videos, images, our faq and customer questions.