Concierge to the stars

New to Space? Let NanoRacks give you our VIP treatment. Our dedicated team handles everything necessary to place your payload into space. Begin your journey here.

ISS and low earth orbit

NanoRacks operates the only commercial laboratory in outer space. Our external platform program and small satellite deployment are also among our products.

And beyond...

The NanoRacks' team is ready to take your commercial and educational payloads beyond the ISS - from suborbital services to GEO and on to the Moon and Mars...

NanoRacks Resources

Download NanoRacks documents and see the essential information you'll need before starting your Kickstarter project.
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NanoRacks has been the first to…

  • 1st company to own and market their own hardware on the space station
  • 1st company to coordinate deployment of a satellite from the space station
  • 1st company to own and operate External ISS Platform
  • 1st Kickstarter customer to get to space (ArduSatisfi)
  • 1st self paying high school space project (VCS of San Jose)
  • 1st electroplating in space (VCS project)
  • 1st terpenes in microgravity research (Ardbeg)
  • 1st national space STEM program with no NASA funding (NCESSE)
  • 1st Vietnamese satellite in LEO (FPT University of Hanoi)
  • 1st Israeli program on station (Fisher Program)
  • 1st Saudi program on station (KACST)
  • 1st commercial payload on SpaceX (Multiple)
  • 1st company to place customers on all ISS launch vehicles:
    – Space Shuttle, Soyuz, Progress, ATV, HTV and SpaceX

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