About us

NanoRacks provide the ultimate ‘Plug and Play’ microgravity research facilities allowing small standardized payloads to be plugged into any of our platforms, providing interface with the International Space Station power and data capabilities.

Our company brings together entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers who have real-life experience and share a passion for space including humanity’s utilization of low-earth orbit. Find out more about our team.

Our philosophy is to bring together three concepts as our driving force: low-cost, standardization of hardware, and understanding the customer. We like to believe that in space, small is the new big. Read more about our vision.

We enjoy partnerships with a growing list of world-class organizations that allows us to provide seamless support from customer interface to payload development to space station integration. Find out more about our partners.

NanoRacks originated from an idea developed in 2003 of a low-cost, standardized commercial program for what was to become the U.S. National Lab on International Space Station. Find out more about our history.

Feel free to drop us a line or connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or YouTube.

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