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NanoRacks is proudly democratizing the utilization of the low-earth orbit region of space. We are an entrepreneurial company that was the first to market its own hardware and services onboard the International Space Station. By providing a commercial pathway to using the Space Station, we have helped usher in a new chapter of the space frontier: making space just another place to do business.

Our vision is to bring together three concepts as our driving force: low-cost, standardization of hardware, and understanding the customer. We like to believe that in space, small is the new big.

Our customers include everyone from high schools to government space agencies, all who pay for our services on a commercial basis. The client base includes NASA, the German Space Agency, ESA, Planet Labs, Spire, biopharmaceutical firms, Urthecast and dozens of high schools and universities. We are thrilled that our customer base includes companies and organizations from Romania to Israel, from Peru to Saudi Arabia, as well as Vietnam, Japan, Canada and the UK, as well as a full range of government and private customers from the United States.

Our services include Cubesat deployment, biopharm services, test platforms for advanced sensors for earth observation, research platforms for materials and educational research—wherever there is a need for space goods or services, NanoRacks seeks to be part of the commercial solution.

Today, as we enter our fifth year of operations, NanoRacks is no longer only operating onboard the space station. For customers like the suborbital Virgin Galactic to those seeking to go beyond LEO, to Lunar and beyond, we are also providing cutting edge space products and services.

Co-founded by CTO Mike Johnson and space entrepreneur Jeffrey Manber, among others, the company began in a garage in Houston, was self-funded by the co-founders and today is an acknowledged market leader in in-space services.  For us, it was clear in 2009 that a new era was fast approaching, one where governments would act more like commercial customers and pay for needed space services, and one where space agencies would cease competing against commercial ventures. The result, now seen on the International Space Station, is a robust and growing ecosystem of services that is proving a model for moving into the next generation of space exploration.

We have three locations: our main shop is in Houston, Texas, near NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the gateway to the International Space Station. Our business development office is in Washington, D.C., and now we have just opened an office in Silicon Valley, at the NASA Ames Research Center.

NanoRacks’ team shares a passion for space, including humanity’s utilization of low-earth orbit. Learn more about the NanoRacks Team.

The exploration and utilization of space is now integrated into the very fabric of our societies. How to leverage more fully the resources required to improve our lives here on earth is the overarching obsession for all us here at NanoRacks.

We hope you will join us in this quest!

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