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NanoRacks Updates

NanoRacks Updates

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Learning How Our Solar System Formed, from Inside the International Space Station

NanoRacks Downlinks Video Footage from Within NR’s Research Platform #2

Webster, Texas — November 25th 2014 –
The University of Central Florida’s experiment, NanoRocks, currently on board the International Space Station (ISS) is producing promising results. The experiment, studying solar system formation, was brought to the ISS through a NanoRacks’ partnership with Spac…

NanoRacks Brings Ardbeg Distillery’s Research to Space Station

Ardbeg Distillery

Dear Friends and Customers of NanoRacks,

In 2011, NanoRacks reached out to Ardbeg Distillery about sending vials of terpenes, the building blocks for whisky, to the International Space Station via our Space Act Agreement. The story of these space-faring terpenes has gone international, and the vials returned back to Earth in 2014 on a Soyuz rocket.

These terpenes were paired with barr…

Commercial Space Station Company NanoRacks Opens Silicon Valley Office

NanoRacks’ Ron Goedendorp (left) meets Pete Worde

Moffett Field, California — October 31, 2014 — NanoRacks LLC, the industry leader for utilization of the low-Earth region of outer space, is delighted to announce that our third office will be based at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.

Opening November 1st, the West Coast office will help ensure that NanoRacks can meet our growing customer needs, as well as develo…

NanoRacks’ Statement on Loss of Orb-3 Mission


Webster, Texas—October 30, 2014 – NanoRacks is deeply disappointed by the loss of the Antares rocket, the supplies, science, and commercial cargo on board the Orb-3 Mission on Tuesday night.

These setbacks never sit easy. However, in this industry, we keep our eyes forward knowing that this is part of the business. There is nothing simple about getting to space, but it’s why we at…

NanoRacks Announced as Finalist in 2015 Laureate Awards

Aviation Week Laureate Awards

Dear Friends and Customers of NanoRacks, 

We are delighted (and surprised) that Aviation Week has included NanoRacks in some lofty company as a finalist in the 2015 Laureate Awards.

Included in the Space Category (see below) is the European Union, European Space Agency, India’s Space Research Organization and NanoRacks. 

Industry recognition is the highest compliment, especially for a…

International Space University to send SMiLE to Space Station

Strasbourg, France – October 23, 2014 –
The International Space University announced today that their research experiment studying fluid behavior in reduced gravity conditions will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015 via NanoRacks, LLC under its Space Act Agreement with NASA’s U.S. National Lab.

The experiment, Spun Microgravity Liquid Experiment (SMiLE), will investigat…

NanoRacks is Hiring – Internal Space Station Payload Internship

Internal Space Station Payload Internship

Position: Internal Space Station Payload Internship
Reports to: Payloads Manager
Location: Washington DC, Woodley Park

General Description
NanoRacks is a fast growing company that provides commercial access to space. The company has been call the “UPS of space” by Fast Company and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, and Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine.

NanoRacks is seeking a…

Fruit Fly Student Experiment Connects Four Organizations to Foster Young Scientists

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Sept. 22, 2014 — Since its inception in November 2011, a student experiment called the Ames student Fruit fly Experiment (AFEx) was successfully launched on SpaceX-4 Dragon from Kennedy Space Center on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

The student…

Protein Crystal Growth, Fruit Flies & Biology: NanoRacks to Launch Six Payloads on SpaceX-4

James Miller and Carl Carruthers of NanoRacks work on Module 28 HFIT

Cape Canaveral, FL- September 16, 2014—NanoRacks is hosting six payloads on the upcoming SpaceX Commercial Resupply-4 mission (CRS-4) that is set to launch September 20 at 2:16 a.m. (EDT) from Kennedy Space Center.

These payloads, to be delivered to the International Space Station (ISS), come from customers such as NASA Ames Research Center, Space Florida, the Limerick Institute of…

Update #3 On NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer Anomaly

Update 3 on CubeSat Deployer Anomaly

NanoRacks is pleased to announce that the deployers and CubeSats have been safely brought back inside the ISS.

At the same time, we continue to aggressively support NASA and JAXA activities to complete the NRCSD on-orbit anomaly fault tree analysis.

We again thank everyone at NASA Marshall Space Center, NASA Johnson Space Center and JAXA for their continued commitment to identify the root…

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