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Update on NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer Anomaly Review

Update on CubeSat Deployer Anomaly Review

The investigation of the anomalies on the CubeSat deployers continues and has three main components:

To understand the root cause of the behavior of the deployers
To put corrective actions into place
To plan a resumption in CubeSat deployments

We believe we are making progress in understanding the root cause of the anomalies. The team of NanoRacks and the CubeSat deployer…

NanoRacks is Hiring – Engineering Internship Position

Engineering Internship Position

Position: NanoRacks Engineering Internship
Reports to: External Payloads Manager
Location: Washington, Woodley Park

General Description
NanoRacks is a fast growing company that provides commercial access to space. The company has been call the “UPS of space” by Fast Company and has been featured in Forbes Magazine, and Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine. NanoRacks is seeking a fu…

Jeff Manber testifies before Senate Subcommittee on Space for hearing “From Here to Mars.”

Senate Subcommittee on Space

NanoRacks’ Managing Director Jeff Manber discusses the lessons to be learned from opening up the commercial pathway onboard ISS, and how that serves as a blueprint for the next chapter in space exploration.

“NanoRacks has for the past four years worked to realize a truly commercial business onboard the International Space Station, using our own capital and developing our own customer base.

NanoRacks Completes Flight Integration of CubeSats Bound on Orb1 to the ISS

NanoRacks Completes Flight Integration of CubeSats

NanoRacks has completed flight integration of all Customer CubeSats manifested on Orbital Sciences Cargo Resupply Mission 1 “Orb1″ to the International Space Station, “ISS”.

The NanoRacks deployer pictured is one of over a dozen deployers to be transported to the US National Lab segment of the international outpost in low-Earth-orbit. The NanoRacks deployers and its customer CubeSats ar…

NanoRacks LLC Celebrates Over One Hundred Payloads Delivered to the ISS

Over 100 Payloads Delivered to the ISS

Houston, TX – October 9, 2013 – NanoRacks is proud to announce it has now fulfilled over one hundred customer payloads delivered to space.

The berthing of the Orbital Sciences Cygnus Mission D-1 brought 11 customer payloads to the International Space Station.

Since its founding in 2009 NanoRacks has realized a total of 109 space station payloads, marking the company as the market…

NanoRacks Featured in Aviation Week

NanoRacks Featured in Aviation Week

From Aviation Week written by Frank Morring, Jr:

Some early entrepreneurs are starting to see returns on their investments in International Space Station (ISS) business, as the $100 billion orbiting laboratory continues a slow turn away from assembly operations to utilization.

New Chapter in Biopharma Research

After months of talking and listening to the biopharma community, and after the successful transportation to the space station on SpaceX-2 last week, a new chapter in biopharma research is now underway.

NanoRacks is working with Emerald Bio to…

NanoRacks’ Hardware Arrives at Space Station

The first commercial laboratory in space just welcomed a new sophisticated research capability. With the docking of the Japanese HTV-3 cargo ship, also known as ‘white stork’ or Kounotori 3, the NanoRacks’ Plate Reader is now at the International Space Station.

For further information read more about the NanoRacks Plate Reader

NanoRacks strongly believes that increasing t…

NanoRacks’ First Satellite Customer Now At Station

The Japanese HTV-3 cargo ship that docked this morning at the International Space Station carried along a small, CubeSat satellite that will be among the first nano-satellites to be deployed from the space station via the JAXA satellite launcher.

NanoRacks’ customer FPT University of Hanoi, Vietnam, has spent years building their educational satellite and it joins three Japanes…

MixStix Non-Activation Investigation reaches Conclusions

Investigation Conclusion:
Michael Johnson and his team have concluded that the failure of the research hardware for NCESSE to have been activated took place because of a flaw in the training procedures.

Previous crews were given on-the-ground review and personal interaction prior to launch. For this mission, the astronaut was the first to receive hardware training solely via video while on…

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