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NanoRacks is Hiring – Mission Manager, Internal Payloads

NanoRacks is Hiring – Mission Manager, Internal Payloads

Mission Manager, Internal PayloadsPosition: Mission Manager, Internal Payloads
Reports to: Senior Internal Payloads Manager & Senior Mission Management Staff
Location: Washington, D.C. We’re at McPherson Square and a short walk from Farragut North

About Nanoracks

NanoRacks is an established aerospace company focusing on providing commercial access to space, currently on the International Space Station (ISS), Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle, and Kuang Chi Sciences Traveler Program. The company, which was once tagged as the “UPS of Space”, has sent over 600 payloads to the ISS, including the deployment of over 200 satellites from over 20 countries into Low Earth Orbit. Since 2009, NanoRacks has created and expanded new in-space markets and has been the world leader for ushering in a new era of in-space services.

NanoRacks is looking for a Mission Manager who will be focused on the Company’s growing internal payload pipeline and customer base. This includes the technical customer interface for microgravity research utilizing platforms such as NanoLab research modules, MixStix, Microplates, and more!

As Mission Manager, you’ll be overseeing the payload from contract signing until it is in space and installed on one of our hosted payload platforms inside of the International Space Station. The main responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving as the main interface between the customer and NASA, or customer and Blue Origin. You will be the primary NanoRacks point of contact for your customer.
  • Relaying all necessary requirements levied by the ISS program, launch vehicle provider, and other parties, ensuring the customer has met all of these.
  • Coordinate and facilitate communication between customers, NanoRacks engineers, NASA, and Blue Origin personnel to meet deadlines and safety requirements.
  • Verifying technical compliance to all NanoRacks hardware and NASA or Blue Origin interfaces where applicable.
  • Supporting all internal engineering development as necessary, including hardware development, I&T, configuration management.
  • Maintaining and authoring Interface Requirements Documents, Test Reports, and other related engineering or technical writings.
  • Hold video conferences with customer groups to prepare experiments for spaceflight.
  • Conduct on-site final payload preparation prior to spaceflight.
  • Maintaining CRM databases on SharePoint
  • Support business development projects or programs, assist in contract writing and statement of work authorship, and any other business or systems related activities./li>

Basic qualifications

  • Bachelors or higher in Engineering, science (physics, materials science, chemistry), or Mathematics
  • Strong oral and written communication skills for both technical and non-technical information
  • Ability to effectively interact with customers ranging from students (as young as elementary school) to professional and commercial researchers

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience working with government and commercial aerospace customers
  • Familiarity with the aerospace industry, including launch vehicles and/or on orbit assets
  • Experience with SharePoint

Additional requirements

The Mission Manager must be willing to travel (about 30% of the time) to launch sites, customer sites, or NASA/government centers, and conferences, primarily domestic, to support engineering activities or customer relations work. Because you’re in the aerospace industry, some work may fall on weekends, holidays, and/or odd hours and therefore your schedule must be accordingly flexible. Remember, rockets can launch any time of day or night!

What we’re looking for

Smart, talented, critical thinkers with an ability to handle responsibility in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. Often times the job of a mission manager will fall into all facets of what it takes to run a business and an engineering company, so the line of your role will be ambiguous. You need to own your projects and be success oriented. NanoRacks is a small company (less than 50 awesome people) and our payloads team is even smaller, but we also interface with much larger organizations. Because of that, you need to be able to work in small groups and large teams, but also be self-sufficient enough to take charge of entire projects and produce the right products on time.

You love space, because we do too.

ITAR and US citizen requirement

Because we deal with ITAR controlled hardware, you must be a US citizen.


Competitive with industry standard.

The successful candidate will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).
We hope you’ll apply to join our team. We do work with leaders from all over the world, including DoD, universities and government centers both foreign and domestic, and commercial companies. We’re fast, fun, passionate, and love sending things to space.

Download the Mission Manager, Internal Payloads PDF. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@nanoracks.com.

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