NanoRacks has programs designed for a variety of specific industries.

Educational Programs

NanoRacks currently operates the world’s first commercial laboratory in space, serving the education, basic research and commercial research communities. NanoRacks’ commercial ISS laboratory serves internal payloads at all price points, from basic student opportunities at $15,000 to $100,000 and up for advanced hardware. Read more about our educational space programs.

Life Sciences

NanoRacks offers commercial research opportunities for life science companies exploring the effects of gravity on cellular structures and tissue growth. Our Internal NanoLab Platforms are available for companies performing proprietary research and when used in conjunction with microscopes and other research hardware a full service commercial research capability is possible with on-orbit analysis. Read more about life sciences research opportunities.

National Security

NanoRacks provide unprecedented fast access to the space station facilities, both for internal pressurized testing and external via our External Platform Program (EPP). NanoRacks is also the first company to provide deployment of small satellites from the ISS. Read more about our space services for National Security.