National Security

The Secretary of Defense recently announced that the new directive for the defense community is to “do more with no more.”

NanoRacks is ready to meet this challenge via our proven commercial pathways to the space station and beyond. We already provide unprecedented fast access to the space station facilities, both for internal pressurized testing and external via our External Platform Program (EPP).

The EPP, built with Astrium North America, offers managed solutions for testing and deployment of new space-based components and systems. Made available in 2014, the EPP is geared to allow on-orbit testing of sensors and materials outside the space station for a set price and within 14 months of payload delivery. Both real time data and payload return are also available. NanoRacks is pleased to also team with noted industry leaders on the EPP to assure full customer satisfaction.

NanoRacks is also the first company to provide deployment of small satellites from the ISS. Satellite can be deployed in less than a year via the NASA/JAXA system allowing for interesting orbits and constellations.