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Nanoracks Platform Activation Footage

Nanoracks Platform Activation Footage

NASA has released video footage of the first NanoRacks Platform and CubeLabs being located into ExPRESS Rack 4 in the Japanese Experiment Module ON-BOARD the International Space Station.

Each of NanoRacks’ inserts is approximately 17 x 9 x 20 inches and weighs approximately 12 lbs. “We seek to significantly lower the bar for those wanting to conduct nano-scale research and technology demonstrations in space,” explained Managing Director Jeffrey Manber.

“By using a standardized form factor and a ‘plug and play’ system, we can quickly integrate with NASA’s standard interfaces at the rack level and further reduce costs in order to attract new users to the space station”.

nanoracks platform activation video footage

To view full size video footage, see the NanoRacks feature on the NASA website.

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