New to Space?

Let NanoRacks give you our VIP treatment. Our dedicated team handles everything necessary to place your payload into space.

We perform all the required NASA (or Japanese or Russian) testing, safety, paperwork, manifesting onto the launch vehicle, astronaut services, data retrieval—if it’s part of the space operations we are there for you. All at fantastic, unheard of prices.

Join with the team that has placed more payloads onto the space station than any company — everything from iPhones to high school projects, proprietary industry and government cancer and stem cell research, small satellite deployment, materials testing and pharmaceutical drug research.

We believe space research should be for everyone. Find out why Fast Company Magazine called us the “UPS of Outer Space Shipping” and Forbes Magazine said we were the company to work with to get to the International Space Station.

Begin Your Journey Here

NanoRacks provide everything you need to get your research and discovery mission underway on the ISS and beyond.

Our commercial space labortory includes plug and play NanoLabs, Research Platform 3, Centrifuge, Plate Reader, Microscope, MixStix for repeatable microgravity research opportunities onboard the International Space Station.

Or we can work with your own custom hardware.

Our Smallsat Deployment and External Platform programs provide a commercial gateway to the extreme environment of space for earth and deep space observation and NanoRacks goes beyond the ISS with suborbital and GEO and lunar capabilities.

Find out more about our team or get in touch to start your journey.