NanoRacks Microscope

NanoRacks MicroscopeNanoRacks digital reflective microscope allows on-the-ground researchers to undertake in-situ microgravity analysis.

  • slide-ms-d
    NanoRacks Microscope

    Reflective Microscope & slides graphic

  • slide-ms-c
    NanoRacks Microscope

    Internal Celestron Reflective Microscope

  • slide-ms-b
    NanoRacks Microscope

    Customer plant incubation chamber image

  • slide-ms-e
    NanoRacks Microscope

    Protein crystal growth microscope image

NanoRacks Microscope-1 plugs into any ISS laptop allowing crewmembers to adjust the position of the samples on the slide and focus the microscope as well as choose the magnification from the 5X, 10X or 20X objectives.

When the desired images are captured, the crewmember will copy them from the USB Video Device to the destination file for later downlink to your team on the ground.

NanoRacks Microscope-1Awaiting your slides for microgravity research
Image downloadsDirect from International Space Station – US National Lab

Send us your slides and have ISS crew members take pictures during your 30 day mission.

  • Standardized slide holders
  • Power from ISS (5V dc)
  • Standard USB connection
  • 1 click image capture
  • Easy image downloads
  • Repeatable access

Contact us to find out more about NanoRacks Microscope-1 and see some images taken on recent customer missions.