Platform 3

NanoRacks Platform 3

NanoRacks Platform 3NanoRacks’ Platform-3 opens the door to a range of low-cost biological microgravity research opportunities in the US National Lab onboard the ISS.

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    NanoRacks Platform 3

    Super-Platform 3 with Centrifuge Housing

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    NanoRacks Platform 3

    Super-Platform 3 graphic

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    NanoRacks Platform 3

    Super-Platform 3 model

This latest addition to our products is a super-charged upgrade for more serious payloads. The Platform can also support other hardware.

NanoRacks third Platform, called NanoRacks Frame III (NR-3), accomodates a total of 3 4U (10cm X 20cm X 20cm) payloads, and has advanced features including an internal computer with its own crew interface facility for easier payload software development.

Further to accommodate advanced experiments and demonstrations, Frame 3 can provide up to 50W of power to a payload via USB and other data connections.

4U PayloadsStandardized 10cm X 20cm X 20cm plug-and-play research modules
Platform 3Permanently installed in the ISS U.S. National Lab for your research

You provide the payload and we do the rest. From all the required paperwork, power, transportation to data retrieval and results analysis.

  • 2U 10cm X 20cm X 20cm
  • USB connection
  • STELLA opportunities
  • 50W of power

Platform 3 will be permanently housed on the ISS U.S. National Lab and will be operational by the final quarter of 2013.