Smallsat Deployment

Smallsat Deployment

NanoRacks Smallsat Deployment Program provides a commercial gateway to the extreme environment of space for Earth and deep space observation.

Expose your research to space and take advantage of the ultimate ‘plug and play’. From small CubeSat form factor to full payload volume with frequent flight opportunities via Dragon, Cygnus, HTV, ATV, Progress and Soyuz.

ISS Kibo module arm Payloads exposed to the extremes of space
Your Satellites Commercial and Educational smallsat deployment from low earth orbit

With a 14 month turnaround and turnkey pricing you can now easily launch your small payload from the International Space Station.

  • delivery to station
  • low cost launches
  • frequent flight opportunities
  • CubeSat form factor
  • Earth and space observation
  • educational ISS research

NanoRacks offers complete in-house capabilities for payload integration, payload design and development and interfacing with NASA and foreign space agencies and everything necessary for a successful mission is taken care of by our team.