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NanoRacks: Your Gateway to Space!

NanoRacks’ low-cost model puts microgravity research projects within the budgetary realm of hundreds of universities, smaller organizations and first-time commercial space research users. Find out more about our ISS National Lab facilities.

Commercial ISS SpaceLab

The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) video offering researchers a chance to conduct experiments in the vacuum of space. Small payloads of materials, observation and biological science experiments are sought for internal and external space research and experimentation via NanoRacks.

External Platform Program

NanoRacks External Platform Program provides access to the extremes of space for your low earth orbit research projects, learn more about our External Platform onboard the International Space Station.

CubeSat Deployer (NRCSD)

NanoRacks’ CubeSat Deployer is a self-contained CubeSat deployment system that provides a commercial gateway to the extreme environment of space for Earth and deep space observation. Find out more about our CubeSat Deployer.

Small Satellite Deployment Program

NanoRacks SmallSat Deployment Program allows commercial customer payloads to be launched from the International Space Station, see some recent payload launch images or find out more about our satellite deployment program.

Customer Payload Deployment

NanoRacks Satellite Deployment Program-1 showing launch of multiple NanoRacks customer CubeSats into low earth orbit from the International Space Station. Part of Largest Cubesat Deployment in History. Read more here.

Protein Crystal Growth – Chris Hadfield

Singing Canadian ISS crewmember Chris Hadfield performs a microscope survey of NanoRacks’ microgravity protein crystal growth samples while aboard the International Space Station.

Customer Payload Installation – Doug Wheelock

Astronaut Doug Wheelock installing the 2U plant growth experiment from Valley Christian School of San Jose, California. find out more about our NanoLab platforms located in the Japanese module known as Kibo on-board the space station.

Internal NanoLab Platforms

NanoRacks’ internal research facilities comprise the first commercial lab in space and provide a full range of research opportunities on the space station. Read more about using our NanoLab platforms, plate reader, centrifuge and other research facilities.

Mike Johnson – ISS Research Competition Workshop

NanoRacks’ Mike Johnson provides an overview of a NanoLab Experiment to the group assembled for the International Space Station Research Competition Workshop Friday October 5, 2012 at the Florida Solar Energy Center.

Jeffrey Manber on the Open Source Space Revolution

NanoRacks’ Jeffrey Manber provides insight on the new commercial space revolution going on via open source space experimentation using NanoRacks Platforms on the International Space Station.

Jeffrey Manber speaking at AIAA Space 2014 Conference

Jeffrey Manber, CEO of NanoRacks Emerging Space panel at AIAA Space 2014 Conference.

NanoRacks Receives AAS ISS Innovation Award

NanoRacks’ Jeffrey Manber collects the American Astronautical Society International Space Station Innovation Award at the annual AAS ISS research and development conference in Denver, CO.

Mike Johnson discussing NanoRacks’ CubeSat Deployer

NASA PAO Officer Amiko Kauderer talks to Michael Johnson, NanoRacks Chief Technology Officer, about the installation of the CubeSat Deployer in the Japanese Experiment Module Airlock. The installation work is in preparation for the upcoming deployment of several small satellites.

NanoRacks’ Jeffrey Manber on Small Satellites

NanoRacks’ Jeffrey Manber explains why the time has come for small satellites and the growing space research opportunities now available for smallsat research.

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