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View a collection of NanoRacks’ recent customer CubeSat payloads, deployed from the International Space Station into low earth orbit, including Earth observation and imaging satellites, commercial technology demonstrations and scientific studies into radiation and materials in the microgravity environment.

Arkyd Telescope Demo

Planetary Resources – Arkyd-3 is a small CubeSat demonstrating technologies that will be used in the future Arkyd space telescope fleet, including avionics, attitude control, and power systems.

Customer: Planetary Resources
Research: Arkyd Telescope Demo
NanoRacks Facility: Smalsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2015 – 09/2015
Mission Status: Complete
More Info: From NASA…

Antenna Pointing System

The GOMX-3 investigation tests a small satellite with an advanced antenna-pointing system and a variety of communications capabilities. The satellite contains three radios, one of which receives beacons from commercial aircraft to improve air traffic monitoring.

Customer: GomSpace
Research: Antenna Pointing System
NanoRacks Facility: Satellite Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2015 -…

Sodium Laser Imaging

The Ground-Based Sodium Laser Guide Star Imaging of 1U CubeSats experiment demonstrates an adaptive optics system for ground-based tracking and identification of 10 centimeter CubeSats, improving imaging systems used to avoid satellite collisions.

Customer: Booz Allen Hamilton
Research: Sodium Laser Imaging
NanoRacks Facility: Satellite Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2015 – 09/2015…

Earth Observation – Flock 1b

Planet Labs launches the next installment of the NanoRacks-Planet Labs–Dove series, another fleet of 28 Earth imaging nanosatellites individually known as the “Dove” satellites, and collectively known as “Flock 1b”, to image the changing planet.

Customer Name: Planet Labs
Research: Earth Observation
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 07/2014 -…

Interactive Earth Imaging

SkyCube is an educational satellite that takes images of the Earth from space by request, sends “tweets” in the form of radio pings, and inflates a balloon to de-orbit itself in a demonstration that could be used to reduce future space debris.

Customer: Southern Stars Group
Research: Interactive Earth Imaging
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 09/2014 -…

Microwave Imaging

MIT’s MicroMAS is a small, low-cost CubeSat containing a miniaturized microwave scanner that paves the way for future constellations of similar satellites, gathering more detailed, more frequent images of severe weather that impacts people on Earth.

Customer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research: Atmospheric Microwave Imaging
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment

Photon Entangling

GOMX-2 is a Small Photon Entangling Quantum System from GomSpace that demonstrates a working polarization entangled photon source in low earth orbit, known as the Singapore Precision Engineering Quality Services (SPEQS) experiment.

Customer Name: GomSpace
Research: Small Photon Entangling
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 09/2014 – 03/2015
Mission Status: Deployed…

ArduSat Demonstration

Using crowd-sourced funding, Infinity Aerospace’s ArduSat-2 tests terrestrial electronics and hardware that have been minimally adapted for use in space, which lowers the cost of access to low Earth orbit. The ArduSat demonstrates the utility of the ArduSat system for small satellite research.

Customer Name: Infinity Aerospace
Research: ArduSat Demonstration
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat…

Graphene Testing

Λ-Sat’s Hellenic Satellite is the first space-based experiment to study how the harsh radiation and vacuum of space affects graphene, a single-layer sheet of carbon atoms important in nanotechnology applications.

Customer: Hellenic Space Initiative
Research: Graphene Testing
NanoRacks Facility: Satellite Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2014 – 03/2015
Mission Status: Complete
More Info…

Amateur Radio

LituanicaSAT-1 is the first Lithuanian satellite mission. The primary mission objective is to provide university students and young engineers knowledge & real hands-on experience in satellite engineering.

Customer Name: LituanicaSat
Research: Amateur Radio
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 01/2014 – 02/2014
Mission Status: Deployed in LEO
More Info: From…

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