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View a collection of NanoRacks’ recent customer CubeSat payloads, deployed from the International Space Station into low earth orbit, including Earth observation and imaging satellites, commercial technology demonstrations and scientific studies into radiation and materials in the microgravity environment.

Earth Observation – Flock 1a

A fleet of 28 Earth imaging nanosatellites individually known as the “Dove” satellites, and collectively known as “Flock 1”, will to image the changing planet. These nanosatellites enable imagery of the entire planet to be taken on a more frequent basis. 

Customer Name: Planet Labs
Research: Earth Observation
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 01/2014 -…

Meteorological Phenomena

UAPSAT-1 studies meteorological phenomena from space. The picosatellite was designed and programmed at Alas Peruanas University in Peru, to verify the students’ design methods and to tests various instruments designed to measure meteorological impacts on Earth.

Customer: Alas Peruanas University
Research: Meteorological Phenomena
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration…

Global Positioning

LitSat-1 is a technology demonstration representing one of two Lithuanian CubeSats that uses internal gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, solar sensors and a global positioning receiver to determine the satellite’s orientation.

Customer Name: Space Science and Technology Institute
Research: Global Positioning
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 09/2013 -…

Global Tracking

FPT University CubeSat-1 is a picosatellite designed and manufactured by FSpace Laboratory. Applications include global tracking of the movement of ships, detecting early warning of forest fires, and researching the Earth’s atmosphere at the lowest level.

Customer Name: FPT University
Research: Global Tracking
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 09/2012 -…

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