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NanoRacks Platform Activation Footage

NASA has released video footage of the first NanoRacks Platform and CubeLabs being located into ExPRESS Rack 4 in the Japanese Experiment Module ON-BOARD the International Space Station.

NASA Astronaut scheduled to plug in Platforms

With successful launch of Soyuz TMA-19 the countdown begins to operational status of NanoRacks Research Platforms. NASA astronaut Shannon Walker is scheduled to plug in Platforms at date to be determined.

Second NanoRacks Platform Launches to Space Station

NanoRacks second research platform blasted off to the ISS this week on-board Space Shuttle Atlantis, announcing the company’s commercial expansion of the International Space Station capacity for industrial and educational microgravity research.

Read more about the Commercial Expansion Press…

Second NanoRacks Research Platform on Launch Pad

The research opportunities of the U.S. National Lab on the International Space Station are about to increase thanks to NanoRacks LLC. The company’s second research platform is slated to blast off this week on board space shuttle Atlantis. Meanwhile Platform 1 is currently in orbit on-board t…

Astronaut Undergoes Training on NanoRacks Platform

NASA Astronaut Janice Voss has been training to use the NanoRacks Platform in order to suggest and implement operational instructions for future crews on International Space Station.

Learn more from NASA about the STS-131 Mission to deliver a multi-purpose logistics module filled with science racks, including the first NanoRacks…

Mission Latest – Jeffrey Manber Provides an Update

During a recent visit to Kentucky Space, NanoRack’s Jeffrey Manber provided an update on how the company plans to make affordable, repeatable microgravity research on the ISS available. The first of three planned NanoRacks platforms is manifested aboard STS-131 for a mid-March flight to the International Space Station.

Mission Countdown! Platform Ready For Launch

The clock has started ticking on the countdown to our first launch!
The first NanoRacks Platform (right) will ride onboard Space Shuttle Discovery for insertion onto the International Space Station as part of the U.S. National Laboratory.

NASA’s STS-131 Mission will be carrying a number of scientific experiments to the space station inside the Russian-built Multi-Purpose Logistics Module.

NanoRacks Platform and Modules Integrated

The NanoRacks Platform has undergone final integration at the University of Kentucky. A dedicated team of students worked with Professor James Lumpp, as well as the NanoRacks engineers in Houston preparing the Platform for the required NASA safety and technical testing at Marshall Space Flight…

Professor Bob Twiggs Presents NanoRacks in Austria

Professor Bob Twiggs of Stanford University presented the NanoRacks platform to a range of organizations and individuals in Graz – Austria, Stating that…

“CubeSat takes another step in helping standardize space experiments by being used as the CubeLab for the NanoRacks on the International Space Station. Now experimenters and students can get thirty days of microgravity using space proven…

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