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Infinity Aerospace

Infinity Aerospace

View the latest about Infinity Aerospace and their work with NanoRacks on microgravity research experiments in the International Space Station and low earth orbit.

ArduSat Demonstration

Using crowd-sourced funding, Infinity Aerospace’s ArduSat-2 tests terrestrial electronics and hardware that have been minimally adapted for use in space, which lowers the cost of access to low Earth orbit. The ArduSat demonstrates the utility of the ArduSat system for small satellite research.

Customer Name: Infinity Aerospace
Research: ArduSat Demonstration
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat…

ArduLab Demonstration

NanoRacks- ArduLab-1 Tech Demo is a technical demonstration of the ArduLab microcontroller board system for use with the NanoRacks modular experiment system. The ArduLab employs simple measuring instruments to demonstrate the utility of the ArduLab system for future experimental use.

Customer Name: Infinity Aerospace
Research: Technical Demonstration
NanoRacks Facility: NanoLab…

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