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Nanoracks successfully coordinates deployment of 33 CubeSats from United States, Peru and Lithuania

Small Satellites deployed from ISS

NanoRacks Successfully Deploys 33 Small Satellites from the International Space Station – The Largest Cubesat Deployment in History

Houston, TX – February 28, 2014 – NanoRacks announced successful deployment of 33 CubeSats from the International Space Station (ISS) was the largest cubesat deployment in history. The first cubesats deployed were part of a constellation of 28 satellites…

SpaceX-2 Carries Multiple Nanoracks’ Payloads

By Jeffrey Manber –

It’s been a difficult but worthwhile week for Mike Johnson and the NanoRacks team working payloads.

We have onboard CRS-2 (SpaceX-2) multiple educational payloads spearheaded by Valley Christian High School in San Jose–not only has VCS designed, developed and is now ready for their own experiment, but…

Welcome one and all to Nanoracks’ New Web Site

By Jeffrey Manber – Here it is! A brand new web site to celebrate our new theme of ‘space 4 everyone!’

Our objective is to provide a platform where you-the growing number of users for space station products and services can come together to ask questions, answer questions, complain, learn, be creative, get results, change how we think about low earth orbit, really get close to t…

NASA Astronaut scheduled to plug in Platforms

With successful launch of Soyuz TMA-19 the countdown begins to operational status of NanoRacks Research Platforms. NASA astronaut Shannon Walker is scheduled to plug in Platforms at date to be determined.

Second Nanoracks Platform Launches to Space Station

NanoRacks second research platform blasted off to the ISS this week on-board Space Shuttle Atlantis, announcing the company’s commercial expansion of the International Space Station capacity for industrial and educational microgravity research.

Read more about the Commercial Expansion Press…

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