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Plate Reader

Plate Reader

Forbes Magazine’s Spotlight on NanoRacks

By Jeffrey Manber –

Alex Knapp spent weeks researching the NanoRacks’ story and it shows in one of most in-depth pieces written on us in a national business magazine. We even made the print edition – thanks to everyone who has written in and…

NanoRacks’ Hardware Arrives at Space Station

The first commercial laboratory in space just welcomed a new sophisticated research capability. With the docking of the Japanese HTV-3 cargo ship, also known as ‘white stork’ or Kounotori 3, the NanoRacks’ Plate Reader is now at the International Space Station.

For further information read more about the NanoRacks Plate Reader

NanoRacks strongly believes that increasing t…

NanoRacks’ Facilities Take a Major Leap Forward

NanoRacks Plate Reader

By Jeffrey Manber – Today we can announce that the on-orbit research capabilities of the NanoRacks’ family of hardware facilities has taken a major leap forward. We have been chosen by NASA to adopt an off-the-shelf research facility known as a Plate Reader for use on the U.S. National Laboratory.

First, we have to thank the folks at NASA for entrusting this work to a young company like ours.

Molecular Devices Announce First Microplate Reader in Space

Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax® M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Chosen to be the First Microplate Reader in Space by NanoRacks, LLC for NASA’s International Space Station

Sunnyvale, CA – May 17th, 2011 – Today, Molecular Devices, a leading provider of instruments, software, and consumables for drug discovery and life sciences research, announced that NanoRacks, LLC has chosen t…

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