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SpaceX CRS-6 was a cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station, contracted to NASA. It was the eighth flight for SpaceX’s uncrewed Dragon cargo spacecraft and the sixth SpaceX operational mission contracted to NASA under a Commercial Resupply Services contract. Read more here.

Arkyd Telescope Demo

Planetary Resources – Arkyd-3 is a small CubeSat demonstrating technologies that will be used in the future Arkyd space telescope fleet, including avionics, attitude control, and power systems.

Customer: Planetary Resources
Research: Arkyd Telescope Demo
NanoRacks Facility: Smalsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2015 – 09/2015
Mission Status: Complete
More Info: From NASA…

Antenna Pointing System

The GOMX-3 investigation tests a small satellite with an advanced antenna-pointing system and a variety of communications capabilities. The satellite contains three radios, one of which receives beacons from commercial aircraft to improve air traffic monitoring.

Customer: GomSpace
Research: Antenna Pointing System
NanoRacks Facility: Satellite Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2015 -…

Hydrofuge Plant Chamber

The Lakewood High School Hydrofuge Plant Chamber Experiment aids the expansion of research surrounding deep space travel and helps in the determination of whether plant growth chambers are an adequate food source in space ship environments.

Customer: Lakewood High School
Research: Hydrofuge Plant Growth
NanoRacks Facility: Internal NanoLab
Mission Duration: 03/2015 – 09/2015


The Bell Middle School Vermicomposting investigation studies whether red wiggler worms, a species of earthworm, are able to produce compost in space. Results are used to study the potential for composting as a form of recycling on future long-duration space missions.

Customer: Bell Middle School
Research: Vermicomposting
NanoRacks Facility: Internal NanoLab
Mission Duration: 03/2015 -…

Sodium Laser Imaging

The Ground-Based Sodium Laser Guide Star Imaging of 1U CubeSats experiment demonstrates an adaptive optics system for ground-based tracking and identification of 10 centimeter CubeSats, improving imaging systems used to avoid satellite collisions.

Customer: Booz Allen Hamilton
Research: Sodium Laser Imaging
NanoRacks Facility: Satellite Deployment
Mission Duration: 03/2015 – 09/2015…

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