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View the latest about SpaceX for NanoRacks customer microgravity research opportuniteis on the International Space Station and in low earth orbit.

Nanoracks Delivers Educational Research, CubeSats, and Novel Medical Science to the Space Station

December 10, 2018 – Cape Canaveral, Florida – This weekend, Dragon, the spacecraft from the sixteenth SpaceX contracted resupply mission, berthed with the International Space Station carrying educational experiments, CubeSats, and industry science research from NanoRacks’ customers into orbit. Within this mission, the NanoRacks team delivered payloads for four of the Company’s commercia…

Nanoracks launches four payloads on SpaceX-3

Photo of the UR-1 team holding the NanoRacks 2.5U that is being turned over for flight.

What do Cheerleaders, Flies and Cancer Research Have in Common?

Houston, TX-May 12, 2014 — NanoRacks is excited to have continued broad participation aboard the International Space Station (ISS) through partnerships with citizen and student scientists on the SpaceX-3.

The launch occurred on April 18th from Cape Canaveral, FL. NanoRacks is hosting four payloads on the Internationa…

SpaceX-2 Carries Multiple Nanoracks’ Payloads

By Jeffrey Manber –

It’s been a difficult but worthwhile week for Mike Johnson and the NanoRacks team working payloads.

We have onboard CRS-2 (SpaceX-2) multiple educational payloads spearheaded by Valley Christian High School in San Jose–not only has VCS designed, developed and is now ready for their own experiment, but…

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