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STS-134 (ISS assembly flight ULF6)[9] was the penultimate mission of NASA’s Space Shuttle program and the 25th and last spaceflight of Space Shuttle Endeavour.[10] This flight delivered the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and an ExPRESS Logistics Carrier to the International Space Station.

Read more about STS-134 on Wikipedia or find out more about NanoRacks customer missions on STS-134:

“Up and Down” SSEP Payload Riding on STS-134

SSEP Payload

By Mike Johnson – All went fine today. For those of you who have asked, this series of experiments is not using the NanoRacks’ platforms nor will be staying on the space station.

Payload platform that houses the NCESSE SSEP school projects, plus the research by a number of organizations. Here the unit is being activated by the shuttle crew.

This payload is an “up and down” riding up on…

Progress Report on STS-134 Operations

By Mike Johnson – We had a partial successful activation of our hardware this morning, both the MDA that rides up and down, and the LMA’s some of which transfer over to station.

Marshall folks immediately wanted to know the % of science that was affected; we estimate 30%. The rest is fine, student payloads are fine.

Good lessons, it came down to the fact that the training hardware supplied…

NASA Web Site Highlights NanoRacks’ Educational Partner NCESSE

By Jeffrey Manber – NASA’s educational folks have taken note of the great job that Jeff Goldstein and everyone at SSEP has done in launching a national space STEM project via the NanoRacks’ flight and payload opportunities. You can read what they say on the NASA web site at…

A Whirlwind of Energy for the Marketplace

By Jeffrey Manber – I’m really delighted that The Fisher Institute of Israel is onboard the NanoRacks’ STS 134 mission. The formal name of our new customer is the Fisher Institute for Strategic Air and Space Studies, and this respected organization is a world-leader in both aerospace and space research, with particular focus on bio-medicine and bio-pharmaceutical research. Download the fu…

The Fisher Institute and NanoRacks Cooperation Agreement

The Fisher Institute and NanoRacks cooperation agreement reaches fruition: Israeli bio-medical experiments on-board Endeavour’s final mission.

The Fisher Institute for Strategic Air and Space Studies signed a contract with NanoRacks to pursue cooperation in the field of space exploration.

The first project resulting from this agreement is Israel’s expected participation on the cube payload…

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