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Valley Christian Schools

Valley Christian Schools

SpaceX-2 Carries Multiple NanoRacks’ Payloads

By Jeffrey Manber –

It’s been a difficult but worthwhile week for Mike Johnson and the NanoRacks team working payloads.

We have onboard CRS-2 (SpaceX-2) multiple educational payloads spearheaded by Valley Christian High School in San Jose–not only has VCS designed, developed and is now ready for their own experiment, but…

NanoRacks Commercial Payloads Arrive at ISS

The successful docking of the JAXA HTV-2 cargo vehicle this morning is great news for a high school in San Jose, California and Ohio State University. The docking marks the next critical milestone in these two commercial educational payloads, which was made possible by NanoRacks, LLC, the leading company providing commercial opportunities onboard the U.S. National Laboratory on Spac…

NanoRacks Payloads Go for JAXA Launch

NanoRacks is pleased to announce that JAXA has loaded our three payloads onto the HTV-2 transfer vehicle carrying cargo to the International Space Station. The three NanoRacks payloads are those from Valley Christian School, Ohio State University and a NanoRacks research facility hardware.

The launch will be streamed by JAXA, watch it here. NanoRacks LLC is dedicated to provide low-cost,…

HTV-3 Launch to ISS

HTV Launch to the International Space Station with NanoRacks’ customer payloads onboard including:

FPT University’s external CubeSat
Valley Christian School educational NanoLab
Faith Christian Academy educational NanoLab
Fremont Christian High educational NanoLab
Whittier Christian High educational NanoLab

Get email updates to keep track of the countdown and mission in…

School ISS Research Project Documented on Video

Everyone has to check out this incredible video from our friends at Valley Christian, as both students and adult mentors show the enthusiasm, passion and expertise that has gone into this first high school research project aboard the U.S. National Laboratory on ISS.

All of us at NanoRacks are really pleased to have helped bring this project to reality and can’t wait for the results. Watch t…

High School Takes Giant Step to Space Station

A high school located in San Jose California launches space station program. Valley Christian School and Quest Institute signs up as the first high school to plan to design and launch and conduct a NanoLab research program with NanoRacks. Read more at Valley Christian Schools…

STS-134 NCESSE Launch Event

Bringing together hundreds of school teachers, parents, space grant officials and students to watch the launch of STS-134 – plus a one day event to discuss the science behind all the SSEP experiments being conducted on STS-135.

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