NanoRacks Workshop 2015

NanoRacks ISS Workshop VideosNanoRacks held our First Annual International Space Station Workshop on February 17, 2015 at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The workshop brought together industry, government, and education to have an open discussion on maximization of ISS utilization. We’re excited to share video coverage of each session with you.

Sessions Include both NanoRacks and Customer Presentations:

NanoRacks ISS Workshop 01 – Panel on Maximization of ISS Utilization, the Industry and Government Perspective

NanoRacks began the ISS Workshop with a panel on the maximization of International Space Station Utilization from both the industry and government perspective.

Moderator: Dr. Scott Pace, Director, George Washington Unviersity Space Policy Institute.


  • Sam Scimemi, NASA Headquarters
  • Rich Leshner, Planet Labs
  • Josh Hartman, Renaissance Strategic Advisors
  • Jeff Goldstein, NCESSE
  • Paul Geroulo, Urthecast
  • John Horack, Teledyne Brown Engineering
  • Mike Read, NASA Johnson Space Center

NanoRacks ISS Workshop 02 – Who Are Our Customers?

Senior Vice Presidenet of Business Development, Richard Pournelle, and DreamUp Director, Patricia Mayes, speak about who NanoRacks’ customers are, and just exactly what are they doing in space! Featured are Booz Allen Hamilton and Valley Christian Schools.

Richard Pournelle continues on to speak about the steps to becoming a customer and member of the NanoRacks International Space Station Community.

Download the Who are our customers? PDF presentations.

NanoRacks ISS Workshop 03 – Manifesting and Scheduling

External Payloads Account Manager, Conor Brown, and Internal Payloads Manager, Mary Murphy, discuss the commercial launch schedule to the International Space Station and what it takes to manifest commercial payloads for launch and pass NASA certification.

Download the Manifesting and Scheduling PDF presentations.

NanoRacks ISS Workshop 04 – Lessons Learned

Lesson’s Learned and Airlock session video will be posted at a later date. We are waiting on some finalized legal and regulatory permissions before releasing these details.

NanoRacks ISS Workshop 05 – Educational Platforms

NanoRacks DreamUp Director, Patricia Mayes, describes how NanoRacks fosters STEM education and activtiy in the commercial space sector by making access to the international Space Station affordable to students of all ages.

Patricia introduces Cindy Wu, of to explain a fundraising platforms for any researcher who wishes to crowdsource for legitimate science experiments.

One of the first DreamUp Teams, Chicks In Space, presents on NanoETON, a hydroponic garden that young girls have converted for experimentation on the ISS. They are hoping to raise $15,000 so they can send their experiment to the ISS via NanoRacks.

Lastly, Dr. Jeff Goldstein, Center Director of the National Center for Earth and Space Science, describes his Student Spaceflight Experiment Program, the frist National STEM education initiative to make space accessible to students which simulates the true research proposal process.

Download the DreamUp and SSEP PDF presentations.

NanoRacks ISS Workshop 06 – External Platforms

NanoRacks External Payloads Account Manager, Conor Brown, describes how the NanoRacks CubeSat Deployment Services work, including the NanoRacks CubeSat manifest history.

After, NanoRacks External Payloads Manager, Kirk Woellert, describes NanoRacks’ new Small Satellite Deployment System, Kaber, which can deploy up to 100kg.

    Guest speakers following include:

  • Surrey Satellite – Kaber FeatherCraft
  • Airbus – NanoRacks External Payload Platform
  • GomSpace – Cubesat Components and Services

Download the CubeSat, Kaber, Gomspace, Surrey Satellite and Airbus NREP PDF presentations.

NanoRacks ISS Workshop 07 – Internal Platforms

NanoRacks Internal Payloads Manager, Mary Murphy, and Life Sciences Payload Manager, Carl Carruthers, speak about NanoRacks internal International Space Station Platforms.

These include: MixStix, Frames 1, 2, & 3, Centrifuge, Microscope, Microplate Reader, and NanoLabs.

Download the Internal Platforms and NanoRacks Operations PDF presentations.

See more Videos, visit NanoRacks’ YoutTube Channel or contact us for information about future workshops.