NanoRacks Workshop 2015 Europe

The Future of International Space Station Utilization: An Industry Perspective

NanoRacks ISS Workshop VideosNanoRacks held our second annual International Space Station Workshop (and first in Europe) on December 7 & 8th, 2015 in Leiden, Netherlands.

The workshop was titled: The Future of International Space Station Utilization: An Industry Perspective. The workshop brought together the European space community, industry, government, and education to have an open discussion on the needs of the commercial utilization of the International Space Station.

We are excited to share the presentations with you – and we will soon have some video features as well. Sessions Include both NanoRacks and customer presentations:

Jeff Manber – Overview

workshop 2015 europe

NanoRacks began the 2015 Europe ISS Workshop with CEO Jeff Manber.

Download: Overview Presentation (19Mb PDF).

Rich Pournelle – About NanoRacks

Download: About NanoRacks Presentation (9Mb PDF).

Mary Murphy – Internal Payloads

Download: Internal Payloads Presentation (40Mb PDF).

Dorin Prunariu – Romanian Space Agency

Download: Romanian Space Agency Presentation (13Mb PDF).

Gary Stutte – Synerge

Download: Synerge Presentation (2Mb PDF).

Fengyuan Zhuang – BIT

Download: BIT Presentation (7Mb PDF).

Luca Briganti – Airbus Life Science

Download: Airbus Life Science Presentation (5Mb PDF).

Peter Bak – Europe Operations

Download: Europe Operations Presentation (9Mb PDF).

Dennis Elgaard – Gomspace

Download: Gomspace Presentation (21Mb PDF).

Hamish Torrie – Ardbeg

Download: Ardbeg Presentation (18Mb PDF).

Conor Brown – External Payloads

Download: External Payloads Presentation (2Mb PDF).

Vytenis Buzas – NanoAvionics

Download: NanoAvionics Presentation (3Mb PDF).

Mike Bain – Cygnus and Orbital

Download: Cygnus and Orbital Presentation (10Mb PDF).

Christian Steimle, Conor Brown – External Platform

Download: External Platform Presentation (7.8Mb PDF).

Christian Steimle – Bartolomeo Concept – Airbus

Download: Airbus Presentation (4Mb PDF).

Mike Lewis – Airlock

Download: Airlock Presentation (7Mb PDF).

Mike Bain, Jeff Siders – Cygnus Airlock

Download: Cygnus Airlock Presentation (4Mb PDF).

Matthew Napoli – Made in Space

Download: Made in Space Presentation (6Mb PDF).

Rich Pournelle – Stepping Stones to LEO

Download: Stepping Stones to LEO Presentation (2Mb PDF).

Erika Wagner – Blue Origin

Download: Blue Origin Presentation (7Mb PDF).

Thorben Koenemann – ZARM Drop Tube

Download: ZARM Drop Tube Presentation (16Mb PDF).

Abby Dickes – DreamUp

Download: DreamUp Presentation (24Mb PDF).

Franco Fenoglio – Thales

Download: Thales Presentation (12Mb PDF).

Pierfilippo Manieri – ESA

Download: ESA Presentation (3Mb PDF).

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