We are your portal to space TM

The decade of in-space infrastructure has arrived. We’re here to make sure you have all the access you need.

Nanoracks was founded in 2009 to provide commercial access to low-Earth orbit. Since then, we have brought over 1,000 research payloads and small satellites to the International Space Station. But we do much more than that – consider us your one-stop-shop. Whether you need research access, to deploy a small satellite, or run a marketing campaign – we’re here for you.

We will soon own and operate our own commercial space stations (we call them ‘Outposts’) that will open the doors to new commercial ventures never before seen in space. We’re at the cusp of seeing just what is possible in space when an agile, innovative commercial company leads the way with partners all around the world.

Using Space To Improve Life on Earth

Our history at Nanoracks is in providing commercial access to space for small research payloads. Our future is in owning and operating private space stations. We’ll continue to always meet our growing customer needs in orbit, but we’re leaping into new territory that will allow us as a company to use our unique access to space to bring tangible changes to life on Earth, from pharmaceuticals to climate change.

Destination Focused

From the International Space Station to Polar Orbit, Cis-Lunar, and into Deep Space – Nanoracks is there for you. We are not tied to any one platform, piece of hardware, or launch vehicle – we focus on finding the best in-space solution for our customers.

Customer Driven

We set up the BRIDGE, Nanoracks in-house mission control, to give our customers the best experience possible as experiments and operations occur on orbit. Live feeds and communication with astronauts go directly through the Nanoracks team. We’ve got the best mission managers in the world, and they can’t wait to work with you.

Our Offices

We're global.


Our main office. All customer hardware, engineering, and product development moves through Houston. We’re just across the road from NASA’s Johnson Space Center.



Our business development and mission management hub.


Abu Dhabi

Our newest area of growth. Being in the UAE allows us to participate in the booming space economy in the Middle East.



Our home to best serve our global customer base.

Our Customers

Our customers range from high schools to space agencies to commercial companies all over the world.

Our Experience

Nanoracks is the most experienced team in the world when it comes to commercial in-space services.