Nanoracks Brings Ardbeg Distillery’s Research to Space Station

Ardbeg in Space

Dear Friends and Customers of NanoRacks,

In 2011, NanoRacks reached out to Ardbeg Distillery about sending vials of terpenes, the building blocks for whisky, to the International Space Station via our Space Act Agreement. The story of these space-faring terpenes has gone international, and the vials returned back to Earth in 2014 on a Soyuz rocket.

These terpenes were paired with barrel oak on the International Space Station, and are now being tested for changes in maturation and flavors from microgravity. They will be compared to a parallel sample that was on Earth during the vials’ flight duration.

But one result is already clear: A stunning new partnership between a commercial space station company and a distillery ready to move to the final frontier.

We are delighted to share this sensational video with you, showing the true story behind commercial access to the International Space Station.

Produced by Ardbeg Distillery, NanoRacks presents: https://youtu.be/rIWoQXK70jE


The NanoRacks Team

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