Nanoracks Team Gears Up for CASIS’ ISS R&D Conference


Boston, MA, July 7, 2015 – NanoRacks is pleased to be a marketplace sponsor for the 2015 International Space Station (ISS) Research and Design Conference. The conference, hosted by The Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) , is the only annual conference solely dedicated to ISS utilization.

The conference, held from July 6-9 2015, provides a forum for new-to-space and ISS researchers to learn about capabilities of ISS and interact with service providers and other space experts. In addition, the event will provide a networking opportunity for companies interested in investing and/or participating in the constantly growing commercial market for low-Earth orbit.

Team members attending the conference are:

  • Jeffrey Manber, CEO
  • Mike Lewis, CTO
  • Mike Johnson, Chief Designer
  • Carl Carruthers, Chief Scientist
  • Abby Dickes, Marketing and Communications Manager

Be sure to visit NanoRacks at:

  • Our Marketplace Booth
  • Poster Presentation: The Astronaut That Never Sleeps: NanoRacks Robotic & Teleoperated ISS
  • Science Platforms—Carl Caruthers, Chief Scientist
  • Poster Presentation : DreamUp, The Educational Arm of NanoRacks
  • Technical Session: “Bishop Airlock: NanoRacks Commercial Space Station Airlock”—Mike Lewis, CTO
  • Panel: Commercial Remote Sensing—Mike Johnson, Chief Designer

NanoRacks CEO, Jeffrey Manber, will be on the panel: Viewpoints: Leveraging ISS to Enable LEO Commercialization. The panel takes place Wednesday, July 8 , 2015 from 9:30 -11:00 a.m.

NanoRacks is also pleased to announce that the Company has successfully downlinked over 220 videos from the ISS to complete the NanoRocks experiment, a Space Florida ISS Research Competition winner coming from the University of Central Florida. NanoRocks is studying how the solar system formed from within a NanoLab on ISS. For more information on their experiment, please click here.

We look forward to spending the next few days speaking with customers, partners, and friends on maximizing ISS utilization in the commercial marketplace.

If interested in scheduling a meeting with NanoRacks while at the conference, please email Abby Dickes at adickes@nanoracks.com. Download the press release or read more at the CASIS website.

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