DLR Hosts Nanoracks in Industry Workshop


The German Space Agency DLR hosted a full day workshop in Bonn that brought together all sectors of German industry to explore using the NanoRacks’ facilities for industry utilization of the International Space Station.

The event included manufacturers, distributors, researchers, government officials and business development organizations. The overall goal was to discuss strategy for re-stimulating industry to consider use of space for research.

NanoRacks presented a full overview of the existing and planned facilities onboard the U.S. National Lab on Space Station, as well as the range of payload hardware now operational. The participants were surprised to learn that Nanolabs are now the largest payload offering and NR Mixstix and NR Microplates are allowing even lower cost yet sophisticated research in space.

Everyone left with a new understanding of NanoRacks’ belief that in space, “small is the new big.”

Read more at the DLR website.

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