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Earth Observation – Flock 1a

Earth Observation – Flock 1a

A fleet of 28 Earth imaging nanosatellites individually known as the “Dove” satellites, and collectively known as “Flock 1”, will to image the changing planet. These nanosatellites enable imagery of the entire planet to be taken on a more frequent basis. 

Customer Name: Planet Labs
Research: Earth Observation
NanoRacks Facility: Smallsat Deployment
Mission Duration: 01/2014 – ongoing
Mission Status: Deployed in LEO
More Info: From www.planet.com

Humanitarian applications range from monitoring deforestation and the ice caps to disaster relief and improving agriculture yields in developing nations.  Planet Labs provides universal access to this entirely unprecedented data set, with the goal of enabling maximal utility of the data.

Earth Observation Satellites

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