International Business Manager (Italy)

Nanoracks Hiring in Italy
Position:International Business Manager (Italy)
Reports To:General Manager - NRSOE
Location:Turin, Italy
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About Nanoracks

Nanoracks is a cutting-edge aerospace company focusing on providing commercial access to space, currently on the International Space Station (ISS), suborbital vehicles, expendable launch vehicles, and more! We have sent over 1,000 payloads to the Space Station, kickstarted the CubeSat deployment revolution, and have customers in over 30 nations.

Since 2009, Nanoracks has created and expanded new in-space markets and has been the world leader for ushering in a new era of in-space services. Currently, Nanoracks is working to build commercial space stations (“Outposts”) from the spent upper stages of launch vehicles in orbit. This technology will enable spent upper stages to be used as crewed and un-crewed space stations for various purposes and customers—both civil and commercial.

Nanoracks will provide and facilitate an ecosystem of interoperable technologies and distributed free flying space stations. You can read our approach here.

We hope you’ll apply to join our team. We work with leaders from all over the world, including NASA, universities and government centers both foreign and domestic, and commercial companies. We’re fast, fun, passionate, and love sending things to space.

What We're Looking For

Smart, talented, critical thinkers with an ability to handle responsibility in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. You will own your projects and be results oriented. Nanoracks is a small company (70+ awesome people), but we interface with much larger organizations from around the world.  You will need to be able to work in small and large groups as well as simultaneously execute an entire project on time.

International Business Manager (Italy)


Nanoracks is looking for an International Business Manager to focus on managing all aspects of the business of an international subsidiary located in Italy’s Piemonte region. This individual will be thoroughly organized and be able to communicate status and business needs clearly in both written and verbal form, along with having command of finance, strategy, contracts, operations, program management, supply chain, and personnel management.

An ideal candidate also possesses accounting experience, is comfortable with extremely complex, multi-million-dollar budgets, and proactively identifies issues, proposes solutions, and solves business problems with minimal guidance from leadership. The candidate should be knowledgeable regarding commercial and government contracting functions, structures, and negotiations.


Roles and Tasks:

  • Managing aspects of the business of an international subsidiary of Nanoracks
  • Implement company business processes and strategy
  • Monitoring and controlling staffing, budgeting, communicating plans and results, people leadership, business operations, and strategy implementation. This implies proven and experienced use of the qualified Italian digital invoicing systems (e. g. IO-Pago, FT smart invoices, Agenzia delle Entrate’s digital tools) and knowledge of the Italian bank policies for international transfers and guarantees
  • Participate in the creation, review, and approval of customer quotes, proposals, and contracts. Including familiarity with Space Agencies policies (e. g. ESA-COSting Software -ECOS – and PSS-forms for ESA purposes, COMPAT for the purposes of the Italian Space Agency, Costing forms of the European grants and funds, etc.)
  • Assist in business planning, analysis and development activities and the ability to develop cost estimation schemes
  • Identify and resolve problems and keep management informed about any material concerns
  • Identify, propose solutions for, and solve business problems
  • Prepare and present budgets and control expenses within the budgets, derive and track metrics
  • Generate and submit reports on business performance to Nanoracks management
  • Work in compliance with company policies and regulations in line with the European accounting principles and US-GAAP principles and previous experiences in working at multi-national holdings dealing with inter-companies’ relations and policies (e. g. transfer pricing policies, taxation regulations, etc.)
  • Develop process improvements to achieve business objectives
  • Monitor, maintain, report, and drive performance related to business metrics


Key Attributes/Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of business management experience at the aerospace industry experience
  • Qualified understanding of finance
  • Experience in guiding the growth of the company through execution
  • Experience working with major aerospace companies or space agencies/ Governments
  • Experience working in a subsidiary, preferably of a US-based company
  • Preferred certification of ESA costings and reporting courses and training for proposal submission
  • Speaks, writes, and reads business English fluently along with the local language of the subsidiary
  • Strong oral and written communication skills for both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Ability to travel as necessary both domestic and foreign
  • University degree or higher in finance, business management from an accredited university
  • Experience in program management or P&L responsibilities are a plus



Competitive with local and industry standard.

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