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September 18, 2019 – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – NanoRacks, the world’s leading provider of commercial access to space, is pleased to announce that it’s opening and staffing its first office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Abu Dhabi’s Hub71, a global tech ecosystem driven by Mubadala Investment Company, backed by the Abu Dhabi Government’s Ghadan 21 program. This expansion highlights NanoRacks commitment to the growing space sector in the UAE and will offer end-to-end customer service and technical advice for a fast-developing customer base in the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia region.

Hub71 welcomes NanoRacks as one of its first tech-companies to be on-boarded alongside strategic partners Microsoft, SoftBank Vision Fund and Mubadala. The tech hub aims to have over 100 technology start-ups by 2022 and is actively seeking to support more transformational tech-businesses like NanoRacks to enable innovation and growth within the technology sector, making for economic and social impact within the Emirates.

“The teams in the UAE, especially the Space Agency, have been excellent partners as NanoRacks develops in the region, and we’re beyond excited to grow with the nation as space exploration becomes a part of the local DNA,” says NanoRacks Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, Allen Herbert. “NanoRacks mission is to make the wonders of space accessible to everyone around the world, and we can’t wait to explore the universe with the incredible institutions, agencies, companies, and students in the region.”

“It’s very exciting to have our first US space tech company on board at Hub71. With Starburst, the world’s number one aerospace accelerator coming to Hub71 soon, NanoRacks will have the full support it needs to scale-up – whether that’s fundraising, mentorship or finding commercial opportunities. Hub71 aims to be home to globally enduring tech companies like NanoRacks who are eager to capitalize on the regions’ commercial opportunities.” Says Mahmoud Adi, Head of Hub71.

Recently, NanoRacks launched the MySat-1 CubeSat, the first payload that the Company has brought to orbit from the UAE. MySat-1, a joint program from Yahsat, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, and Northrop Grumman, is set to deploy via NanoRacks from the Cygnus spacecraft in the first quarter of 2019.

At the 2019 Global Space Congress, NanoRacks also displayed, in coordination with DreamUp and the UAE Space Agency, and UAE University, that the company would be launching a UAE Palm Tree growth experiment (“Palm Trees in Space”) to the International Space Station, in alignment with the launch of the first-ever Emirati astronaut. Today, the Palm tree is successfully growing in orbit, and more can be seen here.

“We’re appreciative of everyone in the UAE for providing such wonderful hospitality towards Allen and everyone on the NanoRacks team,” says NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber. “We look forward to being a leading partner in the country for years to come.”

Additionally, NanoRacks, also in partnership with DreamUp and the Higher Colleges of Technology of UAE, is facilitating the “Tests in Orbit” contest, a program set to bring two UAE student research experiments to the International Space Station.

“Our work in the region is just getting started,” continues Herbert. “Over the next few months, we plan to have a lot of exciting announcements, including new customers, partnerships, and programs. Keep your eyes on NanoRacks!”

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About NanoRacks

NanoRacks LLC, an XO Markets company, is the world’s first commercial space station company with an existing customer base. NanoRacks believes commercial space utilization will enable innovation through in-space manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, fiber optics – and more, allow for transformational Earth observation, and make space a key player in finding the solution to Earth’s problems.

Today, the company offers low-cost, high-quality solutions to the most pressing needs for satellite deployment, basic and educational research, and more –in over 30 nations worldwide. Since 2009, Texas-based NanoRacks has truly created new markets and ushered in a new era of in-space-services, dedicated to making space just another place to do business.

In 2017, the Company announced their long-term plans via the NanoRacks Space Outpost Program. This program is dedicated to the repurposing of the upper stages of launch vehicles in-space and converting these structures into commercial habitats, both humanly and robotically tended, throughout the solar system.

XO Markets, the world’s first commercial space holding company, includes NanoRacks, DreamUp, NanoRacks Space Outpost Europe, NanoRacks UAE, and more.

About Hub71

Hub71, named after the UAE’s formation in 1971, is a tech ecosystem located in the heart of Abu Dhabi that brings together several key elements for startup success: access to capital, access to market opportunities, and a favorable business environment. Backed by Mubadala Investment Company – its growing international tech community of tech giants, venture capitalists, tech ecosystem players, and global startups can expect to benefit from an interconnected global network.

Alongside strategic partners Microsoft, SoftBank Vision Fund, and Abu Dhabi Global Market; Hub71 is creating the optimal environment for transformative tech companies looking to maximize success, produce outstanding tech innovations, and scale globally. For the greater social and economic good of Abu Dhabi, Hub71 is a flagship initiative of the Dh50 billion economic accelerator program ‘Ghadan 21’, which means ‘tomorrow’  in Arabic.

For more information visit www.hub71.com and follow us on @Hub71AD #Hub71AD

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