Jeff Manber testifies before Senate Subcommittee on Space for hearing “From Here to Mars.”


NanoRacks’ Managing Director Jeff Manber discusses the lessons to be learned from opening up the commercial pathway onboard ISS, and how that serves as a blueprint for the next chapter in space exploration.

“NanoRacks has for the past four years worked to realize a truly commercial business onboard the International Space Station, using our own capital and developing our own customer base. Today I’d like to share with you some lessons we’ve  learned about how human spaceflight can be integrated into a commercial environment.”

“In this way, everyone, including NASA, our international space agency partners, private customers and the American taxpayer can all benefit from a new approach to space exploration that harnesses government and commercial resources to achieve our goals in space…”

full testimony or watch the Senate Subcommittee “From Here to Mars” webcast video.

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