Small Platforms - Big Discoveries

Every organic compound and living organism to-date have shown a response to the unique space environment. Everything we understand about the world changes. Bone growth, impacts to the immune system, flavors, chemical bonds, plant growth, crystallization, bacterial resistance, and 3D tissue development – all change when gravity is removed as a variable.

Nanoracks has simplified the interface to complex in-space research hardware and platforms so that you can make novel discoveries and manufacture unique products in space without having to be a rocket scientist.

Make the next big discovery in space!


The original plug and play microgravity research module.

Think outside the box – but fit it inside the box. With power and data provided, you get to focus purely on the science.


Providing for larger, more advanced in-space research.

Full locker size platform for simultaneous, remotely-operated in-space experiments.


Advanced microgravity research for chemists and biologists.

Run your experiments in the same manner you would on the ground, but in space.


Chemical mixing sticks – Our simplest platform that gets big results.

Test tubes for space, activated by astronauts, brought back to Earth for analysis.

Why Nanoracks

Experienced Mission Managers

We mean it when we say our Mission Managers are the most experienced in the business. Hundreds of payloads. Happy customers in 30+ countries.

Payload Manifesting

Never deal with launch bureaucracy. That’s our job. We’ll secure your experiment safely on a launch that meets your mission profile.

Frequent Flights

Nanoracks has access to all cargo resupply flights to the ISS. Our job is to get you there to a schedule that suits your mission timeline.

Safety and Integration

Our team navigates your research experiment through the complicated safety process and works hand-in-hand with you for payload integration and handover.

Standard Form Factors

Nanoracks’ research modules leverage the CubeSat sizing standard. Standardization drives costs down, making missions more affordable to you. 

On-Orbit Operations

We have mission control right in our facilities. We coordinate all of your on-orbit operations, whether automated or with the crew, including imagery. Easy, right!?

From Lab To LaunchTM

There are few words that describe the feeling you see watching your hard work loft into space. Countless research hours, long nights in the lab – but it’s all worth it for the very moment you hear “LIFTOFF!”

Since words don’t do it justice – check out this video of researchers watching their first-ever experiment fly to the International Space Station (and yes, Nanoracks is able to provide access to our customers for launches – we know – it’s a BIG deal).

Tympanogen launch