Nanoracks Announce Space Risk Mitigation Programme


Risk Management Programs For Space Station Utilization Are Key Part of Station’s Future. Space Partnership International (SPI) Lowers Risk for Commercial Station Users

With the successful completion of the STS-131 mission, the space company NanoRacks is poised to begin providing affordable, repeatable and reliable access to the U.S. National Laboratory on the International Space Station. The STS-131 crew delivered the first NanoRack Research Platform to the International Space Station., where it will operate in the Japanese Kibo Laboratory under an arrangement with NASA.

Critical to the successful operations of the NanoRacks program is lowering the technical risks associated with space operations. To achieve this, NanoRacks turned to Space Partnership International a unique venture providing a one-stop business development, , engineering, financial , risk management and insurance solution which is focused on the commercial space and New Space communities.

“For NanoRacks, it is vital that we offer customers and ourselves the finest business development and risk management tools—and only SPI is willing to work with the smaller New Space customers—with the same sophisticated products that the bigger satellite players use,” explained Managing Director Jeffrey Manber. To read more, download NanoRacks-Release-03-Space-Partnership-International (172k pdf)

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