Nanoracks Examining CubeSat Deployment Anomalies


Houston, TX – September 3, 2014 – We are continuing our analysis into the non-performing CubeSat Deployers onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

We are proceeding with two simultaneous paths. First, we will continue to try and deploy satellites currently poised for deployment on the ISS. Secondly, we are sending up a new command box up to ISS. Based on lessons learned, we believe the new command may correct the anomalies and allow deployment of CubeSats to continue. The new command box should be available for both the current satellites and the next scheduled round of deployments in early 2015.

We are grateful to the hard work that continues on the part of NASA and JAXA and their respective teams to solve this problem. We are proud that ISS has become a tool for CubeSat developers and expect to be rolling again soon. We are deeply committed to continuing the CubeSat industry and to fully utilize the hardware on the ISS.

We will share updates regarding deployments as we get them.


The NanoRacks Team

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