Nanoracks Opens Customer Operations Center

International Space Station Partnership

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(Houston, Texas) NanoRacks, an industry leader in low-earth orbit space services, announces today the opening of its “Customer Operations Center” for their commercial customers’ payloads utilizing NASA’s U.S. National Lab on the International Space Station.

“This move consolidates services for our customers that previously have been taking place with external partners,” explains Center manager Rob Alexander. “Our customers will benefit from having NanoRacks control every aspect of their payload process, from integration, testing, manifesting, safety and mission control operations during our space station missions.”

NanoRacks’ customers–including commercial researchers, students and governmental programs, can now bring their International Space Station payloads to the Houston facility where the company will handle all the steps necessary for inclusion onto NASA’s U.S. National Lab on International Space Station. “This will allow us to keep our already historically low costs for space research as low as possible while further streamlining mission operations,” explains Alexander.

Says Michael Johnson, chief technology officer, “the opening of the NanoRacks’ payload and communications center means that over the next month or so we are saying goodbye to several partners, including our friends at Kentucky Space and University of Kentucky. But we look forward working soon in other ways with Kris Kimel, James Lumpp and all the great Kentucky students that took part during our first year of operations.”

About NanoRacks

NanoRacks LLC provides quality hardware and commercial services for the U.S. National Laboratory onboard the International Space Station. NanoRacks allows customers to access our multiple research platforms onboard the U.S. National Laboratory which can house plug and play payloads as well as other sophisticated research hardware.

The current signed customer pipeline of over 50 payloads has propelled NanoRacks into a unique position in understanding the emerging commercial market for low-earth orbit utilization. Longer term, as humanity ventures more and more into low-earth orbit and beyond, NanoRacks’ will be there providing the best quality space goods and services at competitive prices.

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