Our Story

Nanoracks was founded on the vision of building the world’s first commercial space station company with customers. Today, we seek a permanence to the International Space Station program, one not founded on any one piece of hardware, but the program itself, involving countless nations, companies, universities, and organizations worldwide. We envision robotically operated Outposts in different orbits and inclinations, serviced by the launch and in-space services ecosystem that is just now emerging today.

Since day one, our team has been mastering all the key facets to fully realizing commercial utilization onboard the International Space Station. We were the first company in the world to own and operate our own Space Station hardware. We were the first company to open the doors to space to students and professionals alike with a fast, cost-efficient pathway to in-space educational and research programs.

Simultaneously, we are focused on owning and operating our own Outposts. This involves the full range of space activities including launching our own hardware and customer payloads, working with astronauts and their space agencies to develop cost-efficient human and robotically-tended in-space platforms.

Our story starts with payload launch services. But where we are going is much bigger than that – we’re going to provide opportunities on new platforms, throughout the solar system, that were once only imagined in science fiction.

The road to get here was not easy. In 2009, we started in a garage. From that garage, we entered into a Space Act Agreement with NASA that allowed us to self-fund our own research hardware and facilities as part of the U.S. National Lab on the International Space Station and to market those facilities commercially. We have been able to leverage the resources of the International Space Station to become the industry leaders of commercial access to space. For that we are so grateful of this public resource.

We began with simple standardized research platforms – from the most basic levels of research to our more advanced opportunities, and pretty soon we were in the business of offering quality research at cost-efficient prices to research organizations, government agencies, high schools, universities and even consumer companies. The decision was made early on not to patent our research hardware as we recognized that an ecosystem is the best pathway for full commercial utilization of any new market.

Then, before we knew it, we even found ourselves in a new unique business – deploying small satellites.

And of course, these services go beyond the International Space Station – we’re building access to all of space – from suborbital launches to the International Space Station, polar orbit, and many more –the limit does not exist. For us, it’s about what the customers wants in space – and we’ll get them there!

We are the world’s first operational space station company providing goods and services in low-earth orbit, with real customers.

In just a few short years we mastered the skills to run a space station, and now, it’s time to fly our own.

Going forward, we’re going to re-purpose in-space hardware – specifically, the second stages of launch vehicles. These awesome, huge, and sturdy structures are the perfect base for a space station – yet today, the aerospace industry burns them up after their initial use in orbit. But why? Because that’s how it’s always been done.

Not anymore.

Lucky for us, some pretty incredible organizations have developed new-age robotics and computer systems that will allow us to outfit a second stage and convert it into a habitat- all while still in space (with a little pre-launch preparation of course). There are so many technical details we can go into, so shoot us an email if you want to learn more.

Because our platforms are commercial, you will be able to do everything from tourism to sporting events, to billboards, research, satellite deployment, and just about anything else you can dream. You can buy your own platform, or perhaps you wish to share with a group of international researchers. The possibilities are endless.

We hope you’re ready for the ride of your lives, because space is no longer something that’s so far away. Space is a part of every single person’s life on Earth, every single day. It’s our essence – we are a part of space as much as it is a part of us. So let’s go explore.

The final frontier awaits.