Our Team

Board Members

Senior Leadership

Tim Kopra Nanoracks
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Cummins Nanoracks
Chief of Staff
Nanoracks Ty Baumbaugh
Chief Operating Officer

Our Team

Bob Alexander Nanoracks
Director of Safety Assurance
Davide Petrillo Nanoracks
Managing Director at Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe
Keith Tran Nanoracks
Director, Mission Operations
Nanoracks Mary Murphy
Director of Payloads
Mike Holguin - Nanoracks
Starlab Program Manager
Nanoracks Mike Lewis
Chief Innovation Officer
Robbie Harris Nanoracks
Director of Advanced Concepts
Ron Dunklee Nanoracks
Vice President of Operations
Roxann.Salas Nanoracks
Director of Human Resources
Scott Rodriguez Nanoracks
Vice President of Government Programs
Steven Stenzel Nanoracks
Director of System Engineering Integration Test

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