Our Vision

Nanoracks is dedicated to using our unique expertise to solve key problems both in space and on the Earth – all while lowering the barriers to entry in space exploration.

Three pillars drive us forward:

  • Focusing on the customer – this is about realizing your dreams in space.
  • Owning and operating the next generation of low-cost, agile space stations.
  • Solving key challenges afflicting life on Earth and long-duration space exploration by undertaking innovations in microgravity research and manufacturing.

So, how are we doing this?

Since our inception, Nanoracks has been committed to stimulating market demand across all orbiting platforms with our focus on our customers and their requirements. This allowed new users, from students to researchers, space-hardened veterans from government space agencies and industry alike, to conduct research, design experiments, tinker, make mistakes, and realize wonderful breakthroughs in low-Earth orbit and beyond.

Nanoracks started as a payload provider to ISS and built the first commercially independent space business. However, our intention always was to grow Nanoracks into the premier supplier of systems and capabilities that would enable a truly commercially viable LEO economy.   Now that transportation for humans and cargo is becoming more routine, we are working to develop multiple in-space destinations.

Nanoracks is building Starlab, the world’s first free-flying commercial space station, which will open new doors for business and science in space.   

Our vision is dedicated to a near-term future where the space frontier produces factories, laboratories, greenhouses, and hotels that change the Earth, and our journey into space, for the better. We believe our proven space station expertise will enable a new generation of researchers and entrepreneurs to produce high-quality fiber optics, print innovative tissues, and organs, advance new crops, allow more and more people to live and work safely in space, and show how the best of our imagination can thrive in the still widely unknown world of space.

We invite you to journey with us. Let us make your dreams of exploration come true.