Customer-driven destinations in space

The decade of in-space infrastructure has arrived. Leveraging our 10+ years of providing commercial in-space services, we are now developing the tools to convert space junk into commercial space stations, Outposts, to meet growing customer demand. Outposts are our pillars of space exploration that are focused on concepts we cherish here on Earth: re-use and recycle.

Our Outpost fleet will be made from spent upper stages in-orbit and other structures after they have completed their primary mission. So instead of throwing these wonderful resources away – we will convert them into orbiting hubs for users all over the world.

We are so excited to share more information about this program with you soon.

How will you use an Outpost?

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Our First Outpost Demonstration

Mars Demo-1 - Flying June 2021 (SpaceX Rideshare)

Launching next year is our first in-space Outpost technology demonstration mission: A self-contained hosted payload platform that will demonstrate the robotic cutting of second stage representative tank material on-orbit. For Nanoracks to successfully repurpose upper stages and extend in-space missions, we must be able to cut metal without producing any orbital debris. This demonstration is a major first step.

Orbiting Laboratories

Using Space to Improve Life on Earth

At Nanoracks, we acknowledge the privilege we are given by our incredible access to space. That’s why we’re dedicated to using our Outposts to make discoveries that improve life here on Earth. We will be part of the solution. We will operate greenhouses, bio-labs, and more.

Your brand in space

Consumer Products & Events

Everything we understand about science changes in microgravity. From the scent of your perfume, the taste of your food, and the performance quality of your shoes. Test, develop, and sell your products. Run marketing campaigns. Film movies. Outpost is open for business.

Supporting Deep Space Missions

Where no human has gone before

We’re going deeper into space than ever imagined. And just like you make rest-stops, rockets will need to as well. Outposts will be factories, fuel depots, and support systems, ready to service missions throughout the Solar System.