Commercial Platforms in Orbit

The future of in-space infrastructure has arrived. Leveraging 10+ years of providing commercial in-space services, the Outpost program at Nanoracks is an initiative to transform the spent upper stages of launch vehicles into controllable platforms across multiple orbits.

Imagine a future where Nanoracks-built hardware allows the empty fuel tank of any rocket to come back to life after its primary mission, but this time as a facility for robotic manufacturing, satellite servicing, a greenhouse, or even crewed operations. Outposts are pillars of infrastructure-as-a-service in space, democratizing access while prioritizing orbital sustainability – what would otherwise become a discarded hunk of metal will live on as a versatile platform

Book your payload on an Outpost

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How it Works

Each Outpost is brought to life by Nanoracks’ Mission Extension Kit (MEK), a hardware solution that provides power, pointing, data-handling, and communications for the Outpost. The MEK becomes the brains and heartbeat of the now-repurposed upper stage.

Nanoracks is now accepting payloads for our initial Outposts, first scheduled to fly in 2024. These Outposts will serve as persistent infrastructure for doing business in orbit.

Externally mounted access

Take advantage of low-cost integration and rapid mission timelines as a secondary payload. Outpost configurations allow for multiple payload hosting locations along the upper stage.

Access to orbit

Leverage Nanoracks’ CubeSat deployment expertise to deploy your payload rapidly and at low-cost.

Nanoracks outpost

Platform for tech development

Low-risk, seamless operational logistics with Nanoracks’ mission management services allows for rapid, flexible, and unique access to the orbital environment for pathfinder missions or prototype testing.

Why Outpost

Iterative Development

Each new Outpost will add new capabilities and customization options, with future offerings including robotics, satellite servicing, fuel depots, Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) for human-rated activities, and more.

Launch Vehicle Agnosticism

Nanoracks is developing MEK configurations for a wide range of launch vehicles, with the ultimate goal of repurposing all upper stages into an Outpost.

Rapid Integration

MEK’s are integrated as an approved secondary payload, turning any launch into an Outpost rideshare. Outpost configurations allow for multiple, pre-approved payload hosting options on the upper stage.

Sustainability & Debris Mitigation

With Outposts, spent upper stages live on as controllable infrastructure, rather than orbital debris. Join Nanoracks in our dedication to space Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and position your organization as a commercial leader in space sustainability.


Outposts, in conjunction with other Nanoracks technology development projects, will serve as the central locations for future, more complex orbital operations.

Outpost Milestones

Outpost’s first in-space technology demonstration mission will fly on SpaceX’s Transporter 3.  Nanoracks is launching a self-contained hosted payload platform that will demonstrate debris-free robotic cutting of metal on-orbit. Demonstrating this capability will open the door to further Outpost development, including physical modification of upper stages. Imagine what you can build next…