Nanoracks Products

Nanoracks’ low-cost model puts microgravity research projects within the budgetary realm of hundreds of universities, smaller organizations and first-time commercial space research users.

Our ISS National Lab facilities provide turnkey opportunities and currently includes:

Internal Payloads

Full commercial spacelab on the ISS including: NanoLab Platforms, Frame-3, Plate Reader, Microscope and MixStix.

External Platform

Access to the extreme environment of space for earth and deep space observation. Read more

Bishop Airlock

A permanent commercial un-crewed module onboard the International Space Station. Read more

Outpost Program

Nanoracks envisions a future in space where commercial outposts – today known as space stations and habitats – populate the solar system. Read more

Full Spectrum of Capabilities for Small Payloads

Nanoracks provides everything you need to conduct repeatable microgravity research on the Space Station and beyond. Contact us to get going:

  • 20 years of space program experience
  • Partnerships with payload integration organizations
  • Full service NASA safety system
  • Extensive Interaction/Experience with:
    • — NASA Payloads Office
    • — NASA Safety
    • — NASA MOD
  • Interface Control Document Generation
  • Full Service Verification Capabilities
  • Experts at minimizing verification waste

Complete in-house capabilities

In-house payload integration, design and development for all types of organization.