Remotely commanded in-space research hardware

BlackBox is a remotely commanded platform that has research fully integrated on the ground and completely contained from the astronaut crew. We love working with the crew onboard the Space Station – but sometimes researchers want to use materials, chemicals, or biological agents that NASA deems just a bit too risky for the astronauts for manoeuvre themselves. So that’s why we built BlackBox!

All the astronauts have to do is plug the entire locker-sized platform in on-orbit for power and data. BlackBox allows for multiple experiments to occur simultaneously.

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BlackBox Features

  • ISS Standard ExPRESS Rack Locker Payload
  • Providers data, power, and structural interface to the ISS
  • Cooling air interface to the ExPRESS Rack AAA Plenum
  • Power details:
    • 12 switchable USB 3.0 ports (Max 2A per port)
    • 12 switchable 5VDC 5A power ports
    • 12 switchable 12VDC 3A power ports
  • Up to 20GB per week data downloads (Standard contract is 6GB/week).
  • Real-time ground interface through Nanoracks Mission Control (BRIDGE)
  • Nanoracks “Lights, Camera, Action!” (LCA) available camera system can be added to the platform
Size:Standard Locker
Payload Volume2100 in3
Max Power:500 Watts
Payload Return:Available

Curious about the type of research you can do in BlackBox? Check out what the researchers at the MIT Space Exploration Initiative were up to on their inaugural BlackBox mission.