External Cygnus Deployment

Nanoracks CubeSatsNanoracks’ External Cygnus CubeSat Deployment Program provides a commercial gateway to the extreme environment of space for Earth and deep space observation.

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    External Cygnus Deployer
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    External Cygnus Deployer
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    External Cygnus Deployer
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    External Cygnus Deployer

This historic and innovative satellite deployment service is a part of the first-ever program in which an ISS Commercial Resupply Vehicle is able to deploy satellites at an altitude higher than the ISS after completing its primary cargo delivery mission. Flying at 500 kilometers provides an open door for new technology development as well as an extended life for CubeSats deployed in low-Earth orbit.

The External Cygnus Deployment Program was developed with the customer in mind. The lifespan of CubeSat deployed from the Cygnus vehicle at 500 km adds approximately two-years additional lifetime compared to our ISS NRCSD deployment program.

  • Payloads on exterior of Orbital ATK Cygnus
  • CubeSats deploy after Cygnus departs ISS
  • 36U total volume, 1U-6U linear form factor
  • 51.6° inclination, 500km (above ISS)
  • Photos of deployment available upon request
  • Other form factors possible in future missions

For further information, download the External Cygnus Deployment Overview PDF, or contact us to get started.