International Space Station Payload Hosting

The Bishop Airlock is the first-ever permanent, commercial addition to the International Space Station. Bishop increases the payload volume that’s able to move in-and-out of the Space Station by 5x.

Bishop expands on Nanoracks existing hosted payload capabilities by now offering 6 larger hosted payload sites with infinite pointing options for those payloads that wish to observe Earth. These payload sites are perfect for payloads that require exposure to the extreme space environment. Mission customization available!

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Bishop Hosting Features

LocationMovable on SSRMS (CanadaArm)
Payload Sites6 external slots available
Payload Envelope24" x 24" x 28" (500 lbs/227 kg)
PointingRam, Wake, Zenith, Nadir & more
Mission Lifetime15 weeks (nominal), extension available
Power120 VDC; 350 watts nominal
Data100 Mb/sec to Bishop avionics
Nominal TurnoverL-3 Months
Mission CustomizationAvailable by request

More details on power and data;

Power: 120 VDC; 350 watts (nominal)

  • Maximum 700 watts but must coordinated with Nanoracks as total Airlock payload power available is 2.6 kW berthed and 1.8kW un-berthed – This is a shared resource so payload usage will be managed by Nanoracks.

Data: Ethernet protocol (nominal)

  • 100 Mb/sec to Airlock avionics
  • Data rate from Airlock to ISS: 100 Mb/sec berthed (hardwired to Node 3); 10 Mb/sec un-berthed (WIFI)
  • Data rate to ground to be negotiated with NASA
  • Data storage capability within Airlock avionics

Redundant power and data interfaces

Redundant fiber optics and coaxial connections also available and terminated inside of Airlock pressure shell.