Internal Payloads

Internal Payloads

Nanoracks offers an in-orbit turnkey system that provides payload opportunities on the International Space Station using the CubeSat form factor.

Nanoracks’ facilities internal to the U.S. National Lab on the ISS comprise a full commercial spacelab for your choice of on-station microgravity research.


Housing up to 32 individual ‘NanoLab’ microgravity research modules for your choice of research. read more

Nanoracks Frame-3

Housing 2 4U superlabs for on-station microgravity and biological research. read more

Nanoracks Plate Reader

Providing 96 individual wells for your research in the microgravity environment inside the ISS. read more

Nanoracks Microscope

Housing your slides for up to 30 days of research and photography in microgravity environment. read more

Nanoracks MixStix

Providing up to 24 individual Fluids Mixing Enclosures for your MixStix microgravity research. read more

Internal PayloadsStandardized plug-and-play microgravity research modules
Microgravity SpacelabNanoracks Platforms permanently installed in the ISS U.S. National Lab