Your Alternative to a Dedicated Satellite Mission

The Nanoracks External Platform (NREP) provides turnkey communication, power, and operations to hosted payloads mounted on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS).

NREP allows for customers to meet technical milestones while reducing mission risk. Hosted payloads are ideal for technology demonstrations, Earth observation, radiation exposure, sensor platforms, and meeting technology readiness levels.

Want your hardware hosted on the ISS?

Why Nanoracks

Faster Missions 

Host directly in the space environment, collect data, reduce risks and get to an operation program faster and cheaper.

Flexible Launch Windows

Choose between 4-5 launch windows per year and shift this at little to no cost, all the way up to L-110 days.

Highly Reliable Launches

Proven launch systems with well-defined schedules and less chance of launch delays.

Soft Stowed Launches

Payloads launched in bubble wrap or custom foam packaging inside standard Cargo Transfer Bags (CTBs) in the pressurized capsule. Reducing exposure to shock and vibration as a traditional rideshare mission.

Last Minute Preparation

ISS crew can perform assembly, removing covers and packaging on sensitive instruments and supporting efforts to solve last-minute issues that may arise.

On Orbit Check-out

Ability to bring the payload back inside the ISS to work on it and swap/change components to expand mission spectrum.

Payload Return

Opportunity to do on the ground post-mission analysis of the effects of the space environment on hardware, including failure analysis.

Quick Re-flight Turn-around

Opportunity to manifest failed missions for launch within 6 months. Insurance programs offered for re-flight of identical satellite in the event of failure.

High-quality Video Streams

Airlock operations are streamed in real-time in high-quality – not only for ensuring mission success but for customers that want to throw a launch party for their team and other stakeholders.

External Platform Features

LocationJEM External Facility (ISS)
Form Factor (Active)Five 4U locations
Form Factor (Passive)Four 3U locations
Payload Volume32U total
Mission Lifetime15 weeks (nominal), extension optional
Maximum Capacity35 kg (1 kg/U mass allocation)
Power28 VDC (30W nominal, 50W max per payload)
USB Power5 VDC, 500mA
Nominal TurnoverL-3 Months
Mission CustomizationAvailable by request

More data specifics:

  • USB 2.0 data interface
  • RS-232 style serial communication protocol or TCP/IP networking over USB
  • 480 kbps data rate from Payload to NREP Data Handling System (shared across active payloads)
  • Data streaming for telemetry available
  • <480 kbps available streaming (shared)
  • <10GB/week data storage

Non-standard services and accommodations:

  • Extended mission duration
  • Additional power
  • Additional data services
  • Non-standard form factors