ISS MicroSat Deployment

Nanoracks CubeSatsNanoracks’ International Space Station MicroSatellite Deployment – Kaber Deployer Program provides a commercial gateway to the extreme environment of space.

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    MicroSat Deployer
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    MicroSat Deployer

The Nanoracks Kaber Microsat Deployer (Kaber) is a reusable system that provides command and control for satellite deployments from the International Space Station (ISS). Nanoracks developed the Kaber leveraging its experience deploying CubeSats from the ISS. The Kaber enables Nanoracks to support deployment into space of microsatellites up to about 82 kg from the ISS.

The Kaber promotes ISS utilization by enabling deployment into orbit for a class of payload developers normally relying on expendable launch vehicles for space access. Microsatellites that are compatible with the Nanoracks Kaber Deployer have additional power, volume and communications resources enabling missions in low Earth orbit of more scope and sophistication.

  • Launched via pressurized launch vehicle to International Space Station
  • Payload envelope easily accommodates 24U form factor
  • Maximum payload mass 82 kg
  • Satellite certified for ISS safety separately
  • Full assembled Kaber is mounted and deployed outside of the ISS via the JEM Airlock Slide Table

For further information, download the MicroSat Deployment Overview PDF, or contact us to get started.