Nanoracks Microscope

Nanoracks MicroscopeNanoracks digital reflective microscope allows on-the-ground researchers to undertake in-situ microgravity analysis on the International Space Station.

  • slide ms 3
    Nanoracks Microscope

    Nanoracks Microscope-3 with sample holder

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    Nanoracks Microscope

    Example images from Nanoracks Microscope-3

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    Nanoracks Microscope

    Customer plant incubation chamber image

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    Nanoracks Microscope

    Protein crystal growth microscope image

Nanoracks Microscope-3 is an updated version of our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) handheld USB microscope series that has been on the International Space Station since 2011.

Our newest version is more powerful and versatile than ever before. A 5 MP camera with 10-240x magnification and seven white LED’s for illumination allow for excellent sample image or video capability. Lastly, a polarizing filter in front reduces sample glare for increased contrast and better imaging.

While powerful alone, Nanoracks Microscope-3 can also be utilized with its stand and XY translation stage, providing stable and accurate sample manipulation. Sample holders for the stage can accommodate microplate formats and come in black or white backgrounds for better sample contrast.

Nanoracks Microscope-1Awaiting your slides for microgravity research
Image downloadsDirect from International Space Station – US National Lab

Send us your slides and have ISS crew members take pictures during your 30 day mission.

  • Standardized slide holders
  • Power from ISS (5V dc)
  • Standard USB connection
  • 1 click image capture
  • Easy image downloads
  • Repeatable access

Contact us to find out more about Nanoracks Microscope-1 and see some images taken on recent customer missions.