Nanoracks MixStix

Nanoracks MixStixOur MixStix system allows for a powerful, non-powered environment for fluid and biological research onboard the International Space Station – U.S. National Lab.

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    Nanoracks MixStix

    Mixing tubes with 3 levels of containment

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    Nanoracks MixStix

    ISS crew member using MixStix

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    Nanoracks MixStix

    Graphic of MixStix fluid mixing tubes

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    Nanoracks MixStix

    Selection of fluid mixing tubes

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    Nanoracks MixStix

    Customer MixStix NanoLab enclosure

Nanoracks’ dedicated 2U NanoLab research modules provide housing for up to twenty four individual Fluids Mixing Enclosures (MixStix) allowing all microgravity reactions and materials to be captured for analysis on the International Space Station or returned to Earth via the Soyuz.

All results are automatically generated by the mixing of the fluids in the microgravity environment after being manipulated (cracked open) by the ISS crew member by flexing the Teflon tube in the same manner as activating a glow stick.

Nanoracks MixStixTeflon fluids mixing tubes for your microgravity experimentation
MixStix EnclosureDedicated NanoLabs, each holding 24 MixStix for ISS microgravity research

Once you load your Nanoracks’ furnished MixStix we provide all the required vacuum testing, paperwork, transportation to ISS and MixStix retrieval.

  • Multiple MixStix per module
  • Duration negotiable
  • 3 levels of containment
  • Returnable samples

Contact us to join schools, universities and commercial organizations already experimenting onboard the ISS or to find out more about developing your own MixStix research program.