Mixture Enclosure Tubes for Chemical and Biological Research

Nanoracks’ Mixstix are mixture enclosure tubes for fluids, materials, chemicals and biological substances – all kept separate until they are ready to be mixed in space. Single, double, or triple experiment sample segments are available.

The International Space Station (ISS) crew release the block on the chambers and shakes the tube to mix the materials. All Mixstix are 10 ml parylene coated silicon tubes. Mixstix can be stowed cold (+4°C), or ambient on launch, berth, pre/post operations, and on payload return to Earth.

Ready to bring your research to space?

Mixstix Features

Size10 mL tube
SegmentsUp to three
Payload ReturnAvailable

Mixstix Flavor Experiment Feature - Ardbeg Distillery

A basic platform produced extraordinary results
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Ardbeg in Space
Ardbeg in Space